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Catering services are available for pick-up or delivery orders only.

All pasta trays are paired with one loaf of our garlic bread (20 slices)


Specialty Pastas

Cajun Fresca

Tossed in fresh or sundried tomato, cajun chicken, mozarella and parmesan cheese

Full Tray   $130.00  |  Half Tray   $70.00

Pasta Primavera

White wine garlic sauce with carrots, onions, zucchini & broccoli on a bed of linguini

Full Tray   $130.00  |  Half Tray  $70.00

Spinach Bianchi

fettucini tossed in a creamy white wine, garlic and spinach sauce

Full Tray  $130.00  |  Half Tray   $70.00

Chicken Wings

Dry, Buffalo or Teriyaki style

Full Tray (60 ct)   $70.00  |  Half Tray (30 ct)     $40.00


Pasta Tray

Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Rigatoni or Bow Tie with Marinara

Full Tray  $70.00  |  Half Tray   $40.00

Spaghetti and Meatballs in Meatsauce or Marinara

Served with 15 homemade meatballs

Full Tray  $95.00  |  Half Tray  $52.50

Grilled Veggie Tray

Fresh grilled vegetables

Full Tray  $65.00  |  Half Tray  $37.50

Chicken Wings

Dry, Buffalo or Teriyaki style

Full Tray (60 ct)   $70.00  |  Half Tray (30 ct)     $40.00

Stuffed Pasta Tray

Cheese Ravioli, Meat Ravioli or Meat Tortellini with Marinara

Full Tray  $105.00  |  Half Tray  $57.50


Full Tray  $105.00  |  Half Tray  $57.50


Full Tray (30 ct)  $60.00  |  Half Tray (15 ct)  $30.00

Garlic Bread Loaf

20 Slices of toasty garlic bread



Green Salad or Caesar Salad

Full Tray  $35.00  |  Half Tray  $22.50

Antipasta Salad

Full Tray  $45.00  |  Half Tray  $27.50

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